Reliable Hearing Solutions

Making Better Hearing Affordable

  • Adaptive Directional Microphones- automatically adapt to your current listening environment to improve speech intelligibility in challenging situations.

  • Automatic Feedback Cancellation- helps to reduce or eliminate annoying squealing.

  • Automatic Noise Reduction system- instantaneously analyzes the incoming signal in order to separate important speech information from unimportant extraneous noise.

  • Wireless Technology- allows two hearing aids to communicate to each other.  The result is natural and effortless binaural hearing, including precise sound localization, harmonized volume and program settings and better hearing comfort in noisy environments.

  • Bluetooth® - with the use of a remote control, sounds from television, stereos, MP3 players---even cell phones can be heard directly through the hearing aids.

  • Frequency Lowering- revolutionary technologies move or recreate important high frequency sounds in a range where hearing is more sensitive.  This may help to improve speech understanding by providing previously inaudible speech cues.

RIC (Receiver in Canal)
CIC (Completly in Canal)
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Hearing Aid Technology
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